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  • Toscan Jasmine

    Star Jasmine is an evergreen Mediterranean climbing plant that is nevertheless hardy. The star-shaped flowers with a delicious vanilla scent make it an easy-care dream plant for any garden. Tuscan Jasmine is growing fast and needs the sunniest location for ideal growth. Star jasmine is a jewel in your garden with its dark green and strong leaves and the sea of star-shaped flowers during the summer months. The sturdy plant can also be placed in a pot so that it can also be kept on a balcony and terrace, but also needs a fence or other climbing aid there. If necessary, the Tuscan Jasmine can easily be trimmed into shape.

  • Clematis Mixed colors

    You can easily combine a Clematis with other Clematis variety so that it becomes a sea of flowers or to get a flowering effect (different flowering times throughout the year). This is possible both with evergreen Clematis species and deciduous Clematis species.

    We have put together the best combinations for you with different colors and types of Clematis.

  • Evergreen Climbers

    Do you want to buy an evergreen climbing plant? This is an excellent choice, because evergreen climbing plants keep their leaves even in winter (evergreen), so that you can enjoy these evergreen climbing plants all year round and your garden retains a beautiful green appearance! The evergreen climbing plants bloom in spring and summer, between February and July. So you can enjoy the wonderful scent and beautiful flowers in spring and summer, while the winter-resistant leaves bring a touch of green to your garden, even in the cold season.

  • Hedging

    Evergreen hedges are available in 2 varieties: 1) Ivy (Hedera Hibernica) combined with flowering Clematis species that lose their leaves in the winter (100% privacy because the Hedera Hibernica does retain their leaves during the winter / evergreen) and 2) an evergreen hedge combination of only evergreen climbing plants without Ivy (Hedera); there is no 100% privacy hedge, but it does remain green during the winter (evergreen). The hedges with Ivy / Hedera grow quickly, which will soon offer a dense privacy hedge and are hardy as well. The peculiarity of evergreen hedges is that they retain their leaves during the winter and are therefore evergreen, but also always hardy. This gives you a green hedge in the garden all year round and 100% privacy if the hedge is combined with Ivy (Hedera Hibernica). An evergreen hedge can be put in the ground from early spring (March) until late October.

  • Ivy

    If you are looking for a robust climbing plant that gives color to the garden all year round and can ensure that your hedge can offer you 100% privacy, you should choose to buy an ivy / Hedera plant / hedge. Ivy for your garden has many advantages: Hedera / ivy is the only evergreen climbing plant that will really form a dense hedge. As a so-called self-climbing climbing plant, these vertical walls can climb up fast and can offer you 100% privacy in your garden. Houses and walls with ivy not only provide privacy, but give also a romantic flair to any garden and, through their leaves, serve as a protection of the outside wall against the weather. 

  • Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

    There are different types and colors of Honeysuckle (or Lonicera), with evergreen and deciduous (during autumn) species of climbing plants.

    The evergreen species are Lonicera Henryi and the Lonicera Hall's Prolific (half-evergreen because it loose its leaves when the new leaves already arrive).

    All Honeysuckle varieties are hardy.

  • Other Climbers

    Climbers are ideal plants for small gardens, because many species give an overwhelming wealth of flowers without taking much space. They are suitable for greening pergolas, rose arches, bare trees, ugly walls and fencing (concrete mesh and wood), can ensure 100% privacy and are available in deciduous but also in evergreen species and species that also show flowers in the shade, although most plants need sun to show their flowers. Most species of climbers need support to grow up.

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  • Evergreen Clematis


    Evergreen Clematis is an asset to any garden. The versatile climbing plant can be used both as a practical privacy screen and as an ornamental plant. In the spring this evergreen flowers on the wood of the previous year. After flowering, the longest branches can be cut off, after which new shoots will grow. Further shortening is not necessary. The evergreen Clematis (such as the Armandii) like to be in a location with lots of sun, little shade and out of full wind.

    What does "evergreen" mean?

    With these Clematis species we speak of evergreen or evergreen climbing plants because the Clematis do not lose its leaves in the winter like other (climbing) plants. Even in the cold season you can look forward to a bit of greenery in the otherwise often gloomy garden because the Armandii, Apple Blossom, Early Sensation and other evergreen Clematis species are also hardy (if it freezes very hard, parts of the plants can be pruned away later) . But Clematis are not always just green: in spring the evergreen Clematis flowers in the most beautiful colors! This makes the Clematis an absolute must-have for every garden lover!

  • Climbing Roses/Ramblers

    Climbing roses are available from February to June.

    The climbing rose is the ideal climbing plant to provide your garden with a magnificent display of flowers!

    We offer you long flowering climbing roses (there will be a second flowering period after the first one), so that you can now enjoy your climbing roses for a longer period of time.

    You can also combine climbing roses with Clematis varieties (see also Clematis-Rose combinations).

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