Evergreen Clematis

Evergreen Clematis


Evergreen Clematis is an asset to any garden. The versatile climbing plant can be used both as a practical privacy screen and as an ornamental plant. In the spring this evergreen flowers on the wood of the previous year. After flowering, the longest branches can be cut off, after which new shoots will grow. Further shortening is not necessary. The evergreen Clematis (such as the Armandii) like to be in a location with lots of sun, little shade and out of full wind.

What does "evergreen" mean?

With these Clematis species we speak of evergreen or evergreen climbing plants because the Clematis do not lose its leaves in the winter like other (climbing) plants. Even in the cold season you can look forward to a bit of greenery in the otherwise often gloomy garden because the Armandii, Apple Blossom, Early Sensation and other evergreen Clematis species are also hardy (if it freezes very hard, parts of the plants can be pruned away later) . But Clematis are not always just green: in spring the evergreen Clematis flowers in the most beautiful colors! This makes the Clematis an absolute must-have for every garden lover!

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